Best Books of Quotes and Sayings

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Reading is like thinking, like praying, like talking to a friend, like expressing your ideas, like listening to other people’s thoughts, like listening to music, like looking at the view, like taking a walk on the beach. – Roberto Bolaña

Books are close friends who never leave your side. You may forget the minor character’s name, but much like book quotes and sayings, you never forget your favourite passages. They remain with you as long as you need them, and they often pop in your head at unforeseen moments.

Books of quotes and sayings are the ones that are there for you when you need guidance, thick and thin. They are bits of words of advice and inspiration. Books of real beauty show moments of pain, expressions of love, and brutal confession of the truth. Books of quotes and sayings are scenes painted with words, or shallow emotions relinquish to words. 


Things in life never stay the same forever. If you’re going through hard times, remember that these books of famous quotes are here for you for a bit of inspiration, and it’s up to you to take it from here. These books of quotes can fade away with time, while a few transcend to eternal and have lasting impacts. Read these collections of books of quotes and sayings. They stay in us forever. 

1. Whatever You Are Be a Good One: 100 Inspirational Quotations

Whenever you feel low, unhappy, or lacking motivation, Whatever You Are Be a Good One is a good read when you need a little push and some fuel to take action. If you’re feeling moody today, read a few quotes, and see how your mood and state of mind begin to shift and improve. This book enlightens you with great minds’ wisdom – from Marie Curie to Stephen King, Joan of Arc to Jack Kerouac, Oscar Wilde to Harriet Tubman.

2. Tao Te Ching: The New Translation

Lao Tzu, founder of Taoism, a Chinese Philosopher, and a Poet, pour his wisdom into this book. Tao Te Ching: The New Translation contains Chinese Characters alongside English translations with black and white drawings. This book has inspired millions of people from different backgrounds. Tao Te Ching treats these sacred writings as religious philosophies having the central idea of Peace and Love.

3. Supreme Quotes and Inspired Musings from Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Pocket Ruth Bader Ginsburg Wisdom is a library of some of the most empowering and impactful quotes from the powerhouse associate justice of the US Supreme Court. RBG is one of the most influential figures in the history of the United States. Faced with workplace discrimination in the 1960s, Ginsburg advocates women’s rights and gender equality for a very long time.

4. I Never Metaphor I Didn’t Like

One of humankind’s eldest activities describes something by relating it to other things, like a metaphorical thought. In this book, Dr Mardy Grothe fixes his focus on the three figurative language, analogies, metaphors, and similes.

The result is an extraordinary compilation of 2,000 quotes and sayings that will educate, inspire, and entertain you. Although the title itself is not a metaphor, the title is the adaptation of the expression I never met a man I didn’t like by the 20th-century humorist Will Rogers.

5. Positive Thoughts for a Positive Attitude

The writing is just the title says, “Positive Thoughts for a Positive Attitude.” It’s a compilation of inspirational quotes dug from books, mailings, social media, and past conservations with friends. This book hopes to abandon your negative self-talk and experience the best life the Universe has tailored for you.

6. Napoleon Quotes on Victory, Leadership, and the Art of War

Emperor Napoleon is widely regarded as one of the greatest commanders in history. This book consists of Napoleon’s comments on the timeless works of Sun Tzu, “The Art of War.” These comments are studied from memories of people who served Napoleon until his dying moments. This book is categorized by 16 chapters of Napoleon’s insights on Glory, Victory, Leadership. And the Art of War.

7. The Best Book of Inspirational Quotes

If you’re looking for an above ordinary collection of genuinely inspirational quotes from masters worldwide and throughout history, this one is right for you. Embedded in this book’s pages is the wisdom that empowers and encourages you to live your life to the fullest. Start your day with a dose of powerful insight and let these inspirations guide your actions, overcome your fears, boost your self-esteem, and enjoy life to its fullest.

8. Garners Quotations: A Modern Miscellany

For almost four decades, Dwight Garner kept a commonplace book. He pours in his book Garners Quotations: A Modern Miscellany his favourite sentences from novels, stories, poems, and songs, from plays and movies, and overheard conversations. Virginia Woolf also kept commonplace books.

Although very uncommon, commonplaces are used by readers, students, scholars, poets, and writers to remember useful concepts and facts. Commonplace books are a treasure trove for in-depth knowledge and insights into life.

9. Mark Twain at Your Fingertips

America’s greatest storyteller, Mark Twain, always had witty and wise to say on just about any topic. Brought back from his classic novels, diaries, newspaper articles, Mark Twain at Your Fingertips is a collection of quotes reflecting his careful observation of animals, critics, doctors, laughter, politics, youth, and many topics under the sun.

This book is popular, especially among the youth. Mark Twain celebrated the stories he tells us and his unmatched ear for the English language and cared for the common man’s diction.

10. Trial Warrior’s Book of Wisdom: A Compilation of Quotes for Success in Law and Life

Amassing wisdom contributes massively to both personal and professional success. This book contains over 500 quotes from the most influential people throughout history, including ancient Greek, Chinese teachings, Roman Philosophies, Founding fathers, leaders, lawyers, and theologians.

Created to inspire in the courtroom, a common man and beyond, Trial Warriors’ Book of Wisdom is a wide range of wisdom that is entertaining, easy to read, modern, and for deeply inquisitive minds.


There’s power in words themselves. We’ve compiled these quotes for people who have an appetite for well-expressed wisdom and those who are lacking motivation and inspiration. These sayings and quotes involve deep insights written carefully. They are old triumphs of role models and leaders.

Right words, when spoken in the right way, uplift our personal energy and improve our lives. Quotes and sayings create filters through which people view the world around them. We hope you find a book or two that really gets you on this list. A single word can make a difference.


A compilation of quotes from the most inspiring authors, writer, and poets from all over the world. via @quotesgasm