Childhood Quotes and Captions

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We often feel nostalgic when anything related to our childhood was being brought up. Be it a heartwarming and memorable moment, a famous TV show, cartoon series, famous trends, music or games at that time, those memories always take us back to the good old days.

That’s why we decided to compile a list of childhood quotes, for all of us to be able to take a trip down memory lane. So sit back and enjoy reading this list that will surely make you feel like a kid all over again.

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Childhood will always be our escape when we feel sad or lonely or simply reminiscing when life was much easier. We should feel grateful if we had an awesome childhood, it might not be perfect, but it was a time of our life where we didn’t have to worry about many things and our innocence let us enjoy and appreciate little things. Check this funny t-shirt about a childhood memory.

Here's a compilation of cute, funny, and sweet childhood quotes. A collection of quotes about childhood. Walk down the memory lane with these quotes about your childhood. via @quotesgasm
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“There are times, young fellah, when every one of us must make a stand for human right and justice, or you never feel clean again.”

— Arthur Conan Doyle

“To love all ages yield surrender; but to the young it’s raptures bring a blessing bountiful and tender—as storms refresh the fields of spring.”

— Alexander Pushkin

“Let’s face it. No kid in high school feels as though they fit in.”

— Stephen King

“And so being young and dipped in folly I fell in love with melancholy.”

— Edgar Allan Poe

“Don’t try to be young. Just open your mind. Stay interested in stuff. There are so many things I won’t live long enough to find out about, but I’m still curious about them. “

— Betty White

“Kindness and consideration of somebody besides yourself keep you feeling young.”

— Betty White

“Who would ever think that so much went on in the soul of a young girl?”

— Anne Frank

“The young are not afraid of telling the truth.”

— Anne Frank

“I don’t want to repeat my innocence. I want the pleasure of losing it again.”

— F. Scott Fitzgerald

“When I was young I believed that ‘nonfiction’ meant ‘true.’ But you read a history written in, say, 1920 and a history of the same events written in 1995 and they’re very different. There may not be one truth – there may be several truths – but saying that is not to say that reality doesn’t exist.”

— Margaret Atwood
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These are some of the memorable childhood quotes that we can personally relate to. We hope that reading these have been cathartic for you as researching these quotes has been for us. It definitely took us back to our younger days as we relieved and reflected on our own sweet and innocuous childhood memories where everything just seems easier and less complicated.

We also hope that everyone will not lose their inner child because those are untainted, pure and innocent and one of the only things that life couldn’t take away from you. It is something within that you can conjure every time things get rough, and you can use it as some sort of motivation and something that can keep you on track on this rollercoaster ride called life.


Here's a compilation of cute, funny, and sweet childhood quotes. A collection of quotes about childhood. Walk down the memory lane with these quotes about your childhood. via @quotesgasm