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Gordon Ramsay is a British celebrity chef and TV personality. He is known for his funny and sometimes blunt commentary on his shows. Ramsay has been on many TV reality cooking shows such as Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare, The F Word, and MasterChef to name a few.

Ramsay’s shows have been broadcasted in many countries across Europe, North America and even Latin America, Oceania, Africa, and Asia. His usual setting is where he visits restaurants and review their food and service accompanied by his unique personality. He was also appointed an OBE by Queen Elizabeth II for his services in the hospitality industry.

Ramsay is known for his quick comebacks, funny lines, and very straightforward comments which are one of the many reasons for his popularity. Jokes aside, he also blurted out many quotes that inspired people to be passionate about cooking, food, and the service industry.

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Enjoy these funny, hilarious, and inspiring quotes from Gordon Ramsay about food, kitchen, cooking, services, and even life. He also published many cookbooks filled with amazing recipes. Check out this fun adult colouring book with Ramsay’s famous swear words.

Funny quotes and jokes from Gordon Ramsay about cooking, food, and life via @quotesgasm
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“You used so much thyme, Dr. Who arrived in the Tardis to save us all.”

— Gordon Ramsay
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Check out this collection of quotes from Gordon Ramsay. Enjoy these funny and inspiring Gordon Ramsay quotes about food, cooking, life via @quotesgasm