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Whether we like it or not, we are around people and we rely on people. May it be family, friends, coworkers, or strangers. People around us is what makes us a society, make things work. Regardless of how bad the world or a situation is going, or how bad one person treated us, we always know that there are good and kind people everywhere.

We aim that this list of people quotes will help you restore or keep your faith in humanity.

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Enjoy this collection of inspiring quotes about people from amazing writers, authors, poets, and public figures all over the world. Check out these home decor with quotes about people.

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“Tough times never last, but tough people do.”

— Robert. H. Schuller

“When people care for you and cry for you, they can straighten out your soul.”

— Langston Hughes

“I tire so of hearing people say, let things take their course. Tomorrow is another day. I do not need my freedom when I’m dead. You cannot live on tomorrow’s bread.”

— Langston Hughes

“By the time most people say ‘I’m sorry’ it is already too late.”

— Ken Poirot

“To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world.”

— Dr. Seuss

“I would much rather have regrets about not doing what people said, than regretting not doing what my heart led me to and wondering what life had been like if I’d just been myself.”

— Brittany Renee

“What you do in this world is a matter of no consequence. The question is what can you make people believe you have done.”

— Arthur Conan Doyle

“Some people without possessing genius have a remarkable power of stimulating it.”

— Arthur Conan Doyle

“I have long known that it is part of God’s plan for me to spend a little time with each of the most stupid people on earth.”

— Bill Bryson

“You may find that your parents are the most delightful people, but you don’t want to live with them.”

— Bill Bryson
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I hope that you enjoy this collection of people quotes.


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